Band History

hr original

Horizon Ridge was formed in Calgary in late 2007 by Craig Blakney, Lou Doiron and Dianne Quinton. The three friends had played together for a number of years, and when the opportunity presented itself they happily took their "jamming for fun" to the next level.

Since that time, the band has seen many line-ups. Lou moved in 2010 and that year, Craig and Dianne were joined by Dianne's brother, Jason Quinton, and her uncle, Steve Quinton. It was a memorable experience for sure! Horizon Ridge had other guests join them from time to time, including Stevie Canning and Ian Scott. In 2012, Craig and Dianne were joined by Steve Goodchild, and in 2013, Steve's wife Helen joined the band. 2014 saw the addition of Peter May. 2014 also saw Craig move on to new adventures, including more time for business, Suite! Digital Productions. Craig still plays with Horizon Ridge on occasion and it's great to have him with us!